The Black River Falls Rotary club regularly engages in "Rotary at Work" events to help beautify and improve the quality of life in our thriving community. Each year at the beginning of summer, we assist the Karner Blue Garden Club in mulching some of their wonderful flower beds around the school and downtown.
This year's event took place on June 14th and with the help of heavy equipment from Wood Sales & Service, along with lots of shovels, rakes, and able hands from Rotarians and Garden Club members, we quickly spread out several dump-truck loads of mulch around the city. Enjoy the photos of the event and get out and see our handiwork. Better yet, contact us to join in our next service project.
“Black River Falls has so many amazing amenities that are usually only found in much larger cities. The beautiful gardens and flower beds found through our city are just one of those and as a Rotarian, I'm pleased to be able to help our all-volunteer Karner Blue Garden Club keep the flowers healthy and blooming throughout the summer."
-Tom Chambers, Rotarian